One moment


In the backseat of the car I laid my head on his lap and fell to a light slumber. I felt safe. Comfort and an inner peace. Dreams of a distant future played through my head, I no longer felt restless. A calm breeze ran through my body from my spine to my limbs. Curled up in a ball I laid. Listening to his heart, his breathing fell into sync with mine. A pure feeling of belonging and an under current of bliss was in the air.
I dont know how long we were there, wrapped up in each other, limbs intertwined. His intoxicating cologne and my musk and spiced perfume. We were addicted to each others smell. Openly we knew it. No words were needed, we held onto that embrace. The world closed off around us.
That moment was bliss.
No words were needed.
The world was quiet, if for only a moment more.

Stop the noise


I left the house as did he, walking in the same direction two steps behind.

The same every day, in sync we moved, not a step out of place.


Like a whirling dance, or a march of death.

You could say the mornings were silent. But the noises flooded my head.

The breathing, heavy and constant. The footsteps on the gravel. The voices in my head.

Stop the noise for one second. I need to clear my head.