Hidden out of sight


Someday’s I just want to stay hidden under a cloud of sheets and pillows. Locked away where no one can find me. Closed off and alone, the isolation is easier to bear than the outside world.

Anxiety eats away at my confidence, it eats away at my strength and my character. Each morning on the surface I float, step outside or spend another day hidden away? Every day I feel the push and pull.

Only I can break the cycle. Take that step and leave my bed or spend another countless day watching it pass by.

Out of sight out of mind.


A piece of my heart


There is a piece of my heart that is gone,

Nothing seems to fill the void.

Every breathe, every step and every hope,

Nothing seems to change.

I find ways to keep my mind occupied,

To drown out the emptiness I feel.

But that piece of my heart is gone.

Missing, absent and lost.